Regenerative Treatments for ALL Injuries

Our cutting-edge regenerative treatments offer effective solutions for sports injuries, promoting faster healing and restoring optimal functionality. Whether it's chronic pain, ligament tears, or muscle strains, our expert team specializes in advanced therapies tailored to athletes' needs.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy- A single injection of your own blood platelets. Blood is drawn in the office and injected into the injured area. 

Pain Laser Therapy- Generally 4-6 sessions for issues such as plantar fasciitis, acute ankle sprains, turf toe metatarsalgia, neuropathy, achilles tendonitis.

Toenail Laser Therapy- 4 sessions of high powered laser to kill nail fungus along with medical grade topical formula thereby achieving a very high efficacy rate.

Shockwave Therapy- 4-6 treatments without the need for anesthesia to get rid of chronic pains and helping your body form healthy tissue.

All Regenerative medicine regimens are utilized under an algorithmic approach and are uniquely recommended based upon a patient's injury and circumstances. 


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Comprehensive Sports Medicine Treatments

Our clinic offers a range of regenerative and podiatric sports medicine treatments to help athletes recover from injuries, including advanced therapies and personalized care. Trust our expert team to get you back in the game.

Sport and Activity specific Rehabilitation regimens to accelerate return to high level activity.

Supplement recommendations to enhance the body's physiologic capacity to heal.

Signs and Symptoms to prevent future injury. 

Discounts on supportive athletic gear to keep you in the game, on the field or the road. 


We provide high quality services

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Our expert team specializes in regenerative and podiatric sports medicine, offering tailored treatment plans to help athletes recover from injuries, regain their strength, and get back in the game. With state-of-the-art techniques and personalized care, we aim to optimize performance and prevent future injuries.

We provide high quality services